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SATURDAY 23rd MAY 11:25am :UPDATE: ~ 0-1ft 

Still a small wave showing out here, which is arguably just about rideable, with light cross onshore north westerly breezes.

Will update if and when any changes occur:

TIDES: 8.1m ~ HIGH: 10:10am ~ LOW: 4:05pm ~ HIGH: 10:25pm:

Daily Pic: Woolacombe Saturday 23rd May 3pm

Woolacombe Saturday 23rd May 3pm

Forecast - Sunday 24th May

So there’s no point in jumping it up, high pressure has taken a stronghold for the Whitsun Weekend, not only over us, which is potentially good on the weather front, but also stretching right out into the atlantic, which is not so good on surf front.

The Trev toes Tip – Looking decidedly flat then, but one can never rule out some knee high wonder-walls, especially on the pushing tides, it can and does happen against all the odds.

Low: 04:25  2.3mHigh: 10:58  7.6mLow: 16:41  2.5mHigh: 23:15  7.6m
  • 0-1ft
  • Knee High!
  • NW wind direction
  • 10mph
  • 13c
  • 8s

Forecast - Monday 25th May

No change for Monday on the surf front i’m afraid, although the weather is looking good, with what looks like to be a dry and sunny day, which is nice.

The Trev toes Tip – The morning & evening pushing tides will be the best chance of catching anything rideable.


Low: 05:14  2.7mHigh: 11:48  7.1mLow: 17:36  2.9m
  • 0-1ft
  • Knee High!
  • NW wind direction
  • 12mph
  • 11c
  • 7s

Forecast - Tuesday 26th May

If things don’t change, they will stay the same, and that’s how it’s looking for Tuesday amigos, however, the winds are forecast to freshen up as we head into the second half of the week, so we could be on for a few more feet, although it stands to be messy, but hey, something is better then nothing.

The Trev toes Tip – In the meantime, one should always keep one eyeball open on the pushing tides.

Low: 06:20  3.0mHigh: 12:49  6.9mLow: 18:50  3.1m
  • 0-1ft
  • Knee High!
  • W wind direction
  • 10mph
  • 13c
  • 5s