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Trev's Daily Report

WEDNESDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 6:30am ~ 0-1ft

Still no change out here this morning folks, with just a tiny wave breaking on the shoreline and light to moderate cross onshore north westerly winds.

Will update if and when any changes occur:

BIG TIDES: 9.7m ~ HIGH: 9:10am ~ LOW: 3:20pm - HIGH: 9:30pm


Daily Pic: Woolacombe Tuesday 4th August 7am

SAM_6665 - Edited
Woolacombe Tuesday 4th August 7am

Forecast - Thursday 3rd September

And so it continues amigos, but having said that, we should be thanking our lucky stars, after all this has been one of the most consistent summers for surf in years, with very few flat spells to date. Just saying that’s all xxx

The Trev toes Tip – Don’t forget, there’s still plenty to do on our Great Western Front when it gets like this, so get out there and get involved dudes!

High: 09:56  9.3mLow: 15:56  1.1mHigh: 22:21  9.1m
  • 0-1ft
  • Knee High!
  • NW wind direction
  • 8mph
  • 15c
  • 4s

Forecast - Friday 4th September

No two ways about it, we are in the grip of the longest flat spell since that great flat spell we had last time, and it sucks.

The Trev toes Tip – Stay calm amigos, it will pass as all things do, and when it does, all will be good again.

High: 10:40  8.7mLow: 16:37  1.7mHigh: 23:08  8.4m
  • 0-1ft
  • Knee High!
  • N wind direction
  • 5mph
  • 16c
  • 5s

Forecast - Saturday 5th September

And so to the weekend, and yes you guessed it, the flatness is set to continue, with the British Interclub Championships already postponed down there in Perranporth.

The Trev toes Tip – Head for the sheltered spots on the east coast amigos, that’s where its all going down right now.

Low: 05:02  2.0mHigh: 11:28  8.0mLow: 17:29  2.4m
  • 0-1ft
  • Knee High!
  • N wind direction
  • 10mph
  • 15c
  • 6s