• Surf Check & Forecasts for Woolacombe:

  • Trevs Woolacombe Report & Daily Pic

  • MONDAY 28th JULY 5pm UPDATE ~ 1-2ft


    Still somewhat messy with light to moderate onshore westerly winds, but rideable none the less with plenty of cleanish sections to be had on the evening pushing tide.

    Will update if and when any changes occur

    TIDES: 8.6m ~ HIGH: 7.40am – LOW: 1.35pm – HIGH: 7.50pm

    FIRST LIGHT: 5.15am ~ LAST LIGHT: 9.45pm ~ SEA TEMP: 19C

  • Forecast: Tuesday 29th July, 2014

  • With a massive high pressure fixing itself in the Atlantic, it will be a hard pressed call for any swell, but some knee high waves should keep us going until the next time.

    The Trev toes Tip – Reasonably big tides, so the best chance is going to be on the early morning/early evening mid to high pushing tides.

    High: 08:17  8.7m

    Low: 14:04  1.3m

    High: 20:28  8.8m

  • 1ft
    Knee High!
    North Westerly
    Light Cloud
    Rated One
  • Forecast: Wednesday 30th July, 2014

  • Same again for Wednesday with the winds staying north westerly just about brewing up some small rideable waves.

    The Trev toes Tip – Do an early one and catch the mid to high tide push down at Saunton for some shelter and the best of what the day has to offer.

    High: 08:48  8.6m

    Low: 14:36  1.3m

    High: 20:59  8.7m

  • 1ft
    Knee High!
    North Westerly
    Light Cloud
    Rated One
  • Forecast: Thursday 31st July, 2014

  • Still looking decidedly grim on the swell front folks, however it does look like we might just hold onto some small fun waves until the next groundswell arrives.

    The Trev toes Tip – Sometimes you have to take what you can get and be done with it, and lets face it folks, it’s still better than being completely flat.


    High: 09:19  8.5m

    Low: 15:07  1.5m

    High: 21:31  8.6m

  • 1ft
    Knee High!
    Rated Two
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