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Trev's Daily Report

TUESDAY 5th MAY 3m UPDATE ~ 4-6ft+

Looking decidedly windswept and blown-out at this time, with fresh to strong cross onshore south westerly winds.

Puts is still slightly sheltered at this time.

Will update if and when any changes occur:

BIG TIDES: 9.0m ~ HIGH: 7:30am ~ LOW: 1:35pm ~ HIGH: 7:45pm:
FIRST LIGHT: 5:20am ~ LAST LIGHT: 9:25pm ~ SEA TEMP: 10C

Forecast - Wednesday 6th May

Same again for Wednesday, with more of the big and messy onshore stuff, and shelter being a hard call to find, but Thursday is looking decidedly calmer right now.

The Trev toes Tip – We will have to wait and see how it all pans out. Further updates will follow as and when.

High: 08:08  8.9mLow: 14:03  2.2mHigh: 20:27  9.0m
  • 8ft
  • Biiiggg!
  • W wind direction
  • 25+mph
  • 12c
  • 12s

Forecast - Thursday 7th May

So onto Thursday, with the storm well and truly gone, and some light onshore westerly breezes with some wall to wall sunshine to boot.

The Trev toes Tip – Should be some half decent cleanish sets for the duration.

High: 08:44  8.8mLow: 14:37  1.3mHigh: 21:03  8.8m
  • 3-4ft
  • Head High!!
  • W wind direction
  • 10mph
  • 13c
  • 7s

Forecast - Friday 8th May

Same again for Thursday, with light winds and fingers crossed, some small fun waves on offer.

The Trev toes Tip – With a swell period of only a few seconds, it won’t be up to much, but if those winds are light and offshore, there should still be some clean rides to be had.

High: 09:22  8.6mLow: 15:13  1.6mHigh: 21:42  8.6m
  • 2-3ft
  • Waist / Shoulder High!!
  • E wind direction
  • 10mph
  • 13c
  • 5s