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Trev's Daily Report

SUNDAY 25th SEPTEMBER 7am - 4-6ft+

Still plenty of swell on offer, but very messy conditions out here this morning folks with a fresh to strong onshore westerly wind.

Putsborough on the mid to high tide range this afternoon will offer a slightly sheltered and slightly more manageable wave.

Will update if and when any changes occur:

TIDES: 7.2m - LOW: 7:45am - HIGH: 2pm - LOW: 8:40pm:

FIRST LIGHT: 6:45am ~ LAST LIGHT: 7:45pm ~ SEA TEMP 18C

Daily Pic: Saunton Friday 23rd September 10:10am

Saunton Friday 23rd September 10:10am

Forecast - Monday 26th September

High:   m
  • 4-5ft
  • Overhead!
  • S wind direction
  • 15+mph
  • 17c
  • 10s

Forecast - Tuesday 27th September

Low: 10:20  2.3mHigh: 16:37  8.1mLow: 22:55  1.9m
  • 4-5ft
  • Overhead!
  • W wind direction
  • 15+mph
  • 16c
  • 9s

Forecast - Wednesday 28th September

High: 05:07  8.2mLow: 11:09  1.8mHigh: 17:27  8.6m
  • 3-4ft
  • Head High!!
  • W wind direction
  • 12+mph
  • 18c
  • 11s