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Trev's Daily Report

WEDNESDAY 10th FEBRUARY 12:45pm - 5-7ft

Swell has cleaned up a tad since this morning with some nice clean to cleanish sections to be had and a more moderate cross onshore NW wind.

Will update if and when any changes occur:

BIG TIDES: 9.5m - HIGH: 7am - LOW: 1:15pm - HIGH 7:25pm:

FIRST LIGHT: 7:25am ~ LAST LIGHT: 5:45pm ~ SEA TEMP: 9C

Daily Pic: Putsborough Tuesday 2nd February

Putsborough Tuesday 2nd February

Forecast - Friday 12th February

Winds look to be going offshore for Friday and the weekend, which has to be a good thing compared to all the onshore palava we have had of late.

The Trev toes Tip – Should be on for some clean fun waves then.

High: 08:32  9.7mLow: 14:34  0.5mHigh: 20:51  9.3m
  • 2-3ft
  • Waist / Shoulder High!!
  • SE wind direction
  • 15mph
  • 8c
  • 10s

Forecast - Saturday 13th February

Well if the long range forecast pans out true, the north devon coast could be on for some clean solid swell with the winds staying cross offshore SE for Saturday.

The Trev toes Tip – Looking decidedly all good for Saturday then and still on the tail end of big tides.

High: 09:15  9.3mLow: 15:15  0.9mHigh: 21:34  8.9m
  • 5-7ft
  • SE wind direction
  • 15+mph
  • 10c
  • 13s

Forecast - Sunday 14th February

High: 10:01  8.8mLow: 15:58  1.4m
  • 5-7ft
  • NE wind direction
  • 12+mph
  • 7c
  • 12s