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SUNDAY 29th MARCH 6:55am ~ {BLOWN~OUT}


With strong to gale force onshore westerly winds, don't even think about it dudes.

Will update if and when any changes occur:

TIDES: 6.7m ~ LOW: 8:10am ~HIGH: 2:30pm ~ LOW: 8:45pm
FIRST LIGHT: 5:25am ~ LAST LIGHT: 7:15pm ~ SEA TEMP: 8C

Daily Pic: Putsborough Sunday 29th March 8:25am

Putsborough Sunday 29th March 8:25am

Forecast - Monday 30th March

The winds are set to stay fresh and onshore as we move into next week, so the quality of the wave won’t be up to much, but there will be no shortage of swell, which has got to be better than being flat.

The Trev toes Tip – If those winds do swing cross onshore south westerly, then there’s a good chance of some shelter down at Puts on the afternoon mid to high tide range.

Low: 09:33  2.9mHigh: 15:54  7.1mLow: 21:56  2.8m
  • 5-6ft
  • Double Overhead!
  • SW wind direction
  • 20mph
  • 10c
  • 9s

Forecast - Tuesday 31st March

So another batch of fresh onshore winds for Tuesday, but perhaps not as harsh on the weather front, with a dry day and some sunny periods on the cards, but it goes without saying, the surf will still be very messy.

The Trev toes Tip – Further updates will follow as to whether any sheltered spots will be on.

High: 04:22  7.5mLow: 10:32  2.4mHigh: 16:52  7.6m
  • 5-6ft
  • Double Overhead!
  • W wind direction
  • 20mph
  • 9c
  • 7s

Forecast - Wednesday 1st April

No let up with those relentless onshore winds for Wednesday i’m afraid, so more of the messy stuff, but at least there will be waves of sorts.

The Trev toes Tip – This could be the last day of these harsh onshore winds, as the long range forecast is looking decidedly more settled on the weather front as we head into Thursday and the Easter weekend.

High: 05:13  8.0mLow: 11:16  1.9mHigh: 17:36  8.1m
  • 4-5ft
  • Overhead!
  • NW wind direction
  • 18mph
  • 10c
  • 8s