• Surf Check & Forecasts for Croyde:

  • Trevs Croyde Report & Daily Pic

  • TUESDAY 2nd SEPTEMBER 5pm UPDATE ~ 3-5ft+


    Still as clean as you like and looking good folks with light offshore easterly breezes.

    Long range swell, so there’s a bit of a wait between sets, but it’s all good amigos.

    Will update if and when any changes occur

    TIDES: 7.4m ~ HIGH: 11.15am – LOW: 5.15pm – HIGH: 11.40pm:

    FIRST LIGHT: 6.15am ~ LAST LIGHT: 8.45pm ~ SEA TEMP: 19C

  • Forecast: Wednesday 3rd September, 2014

  • Dropping right off as we move into Wednesday afternoon, but with light cross offshore breezes and plenty of sunshine on the cards, it should still be good for some small clean fun waves on the morning pushing tide.

    The Trev toes Tip – That will be the morning pushing tide for the best of it then.

    Low: 05:38  2.9m

    High: 12:27  7.2m

    Low: 18:33  3.0m

  • 1-2ft
    Waist / Shoulder High!
    South Easterly
    Light Cloud
    Rated Two
  • Forecast: Thursday 4th September, 2014

  • As quick as it came, it will all be gone, but still a good chance of some clean knee high waves with yet another dry and sunny day on the cards and light offshore breezes.

    The Trev toes Tip – It’s a tricky call to be sure, but well worth an eyeball at first light, as it could be a while before the next proper swell arrives.

    Low: 07:20  3.1m

    High: 13:55  7.2m

    Low: 20:15  2.9m

  • 1ft
    Knee High!
    Light Cloud
    Rated Two
  • Forecast: Friday 5th September, 2014

  • Low: 08:58  2.7m

    High: 15:24  7.7m

    High: 21:38  2.3m

  • 0-1ft
    Knee High!
    North Easterly
    Light Cloud
    Rated One
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