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Trev's Daily Report

FRIDAY 29th MAY 4pm UPDATE ~ 3-4ft

Very messy on all the beaches today, but there are some rideable sections to be had, with fresh cross onshore north westerly winds.

Will update if and when any changes occur:

TIDES: 7.5m ~ LOW: 9:50am ~ HIGH: 4pm ~ LOW: 10:10pm:

Daily Pic: Croyde Friday 29th May 7:45am

Croyde Friday 29th May 7:45am

Forecast - Saturday 30th May

So into the weekend we must go, with more of much the same, but although the winds look to be staying onshore, they will be lighter, with a good chance of some cleanish rideable waves.

The Trev toes Tip – The late afternoon mid to high pushing tide will probably be the go for the best of it.

Low: 10:32  2.2mHigh: 16:53  7.9mHigh: 22:50  3.0m
  • 2-3ft
  • Waist / Shoulder High!!
  • W wind direction
  • 10mph
  • 13c
  • 9s

Forecast - Sunday 31st May

Sunday is not looking too good right now, with those onshore winds freshening up again, and the swell period down to single figures, so there wil be waves, but it will be a messy affair for sure.

The Trev toes Tip – Shelter will be a hard call, but maybe Putsborough on the mid to high tide range will be the go for a slightly cleaner and more manageable wave.

High: 05:10  8.1mLow: 11:14  1.8mHigh: 17:35  8.3m
  • 3-4ft
  • Head High!!
  • W wind direction
  • 18mph
  • 12c
  • 8s

Forecast - Monday 1st June

The winds look set to stay on the fresh side and onshore, so much of the same as we head into a new week and month, however, there is a hint they will swing cross onshore south westerly for Monday, which means seeking shelter will be an option.

The Trev toes Tip – Putsborough should be on for a cleaner and more sheltered wave.

High: 05:42  8.4mLow: 11:54  1.6mHigh: 18:14  8.6m
  • 4-5ft
  • Overhead!
  • SW wind direction
  • 22mph
  • 12c
  • 6s