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Trev's Daily Report

Tuesday 28th APRIL 5:45am ~ 1-3ft

Not looking very nice out here this morning folks, with some very messy wind-swell and a brisk cross onshore north westerly wind.


Will update if and when any changes occur:

SMALLER TIDES: 6.9m ~ LOW: 8:45am ~ HIGH: 3pm ~ LOW: 9:10pm
FIRST LIGHT: 5:20am ~ LAST LIGHT: 9:25pm ~ SEA TEMP: 10C

Daily Pic: Croyde Tuesday 28th April 7:50am

Croyde Tuesday 28th April 7:50am

Forecast - Wednesday 29th April

No real change on the horizon, with those winds staying onshore and the swell period down to single figures, so there will be wave of sorts, but it stands to be a somewhat messy affair.

The Trev toes Tip – Puts on the afternoon mid to high tide range could be on for a slightly sheltered and slightly cleaner wave. “Slightly being the definitive Word”


Low: 09:44  2.7mHigh: 16:08  7.4mLow: 22:04  2.5m
  • 2-3ft
  • Waist / Shoulder High!!
  • W wind direction
  • 18mph
  • 11c
  • 6s

Forecast - Thursday 30th April

Same again for Thursday folks, with those winds staying onshore and hardly any swell period to speak about, so more messy wind-swell is on the cards at best.

The Trev toes Tip – So not that good on the surfing front for this week, however, we have had it real good of late, and it will return as it always does, but as the saying goes, good things come to those that wait.

High: 04:29  7.7mLow: 10:34  2.2mHigh: 16:56  7.8m
  • 1-2ft
  • Waist / Shoulder High!
  • NW wind direction
  • 12+mph
  • 11c
  • 4s

Forecast - Friday 1st May

And so to the Merry Month of May, and guess what? Yep, you guessed it, the winds and swell direction are forecast to turn there back on us, so the surf is looking decidedly flat for Friday.

The Trev toes Tip – As always with swell direction, there is a slight question mark hanging over the eventual outcome, but be rest assured amigos, I got one eyeball all over the charts, and further updates will follow as and when.

High: 05:12  8.1mLow: 11:15  1.8mHigh: 17:35  8.2m
  • 0-1ft
  • Knee High!
  • SE wind direction
  • 15mph
  • 12c
  • 2s