• Forecast: Friday 24th October, 2014

  • Settling right down with high pressure pushing up from the south and lighter onshore westerly winds, we should be on for some half decent rideable waves for Friday and the Weekend.

    The Trev toes Tip – The big afternoon pushing tide will be the go for the best of it.

    High: 06:57  9.1m

    Low: 12:51  1.1m

    High: 19:11  9.2m

  • 2-3ft
    Waist / Shoulder High!
    Heavy Rain
    Rated Two
  • Forecast: Saturday 25th October, 2014

  • So it will be a tad messy at times, with those winds staying cross onshore south westerly for the weekend, however, we should still be on for some fun cleanish rideable sections.

    The Trev toes Tip – Slight question mark hanging over the eventual strength of the winds, but if they do spoil the quality of the wave, then there’s always Puts for some shelter.

    High: 07:31  9.2m

    Low: 13:24  1.1m

    High: 19:46  9.2m

  • 2-3ft
    Waist / Shoulder High!
    South Westerly
    Rated Two
  • Forecast: Sunday 26th October, 2014

  • High: 07:05  9.2m

    Low: 12:59  1.1m

    High: 19:21  9.1m

  • 3-4ft
    Head High!
    South Westerly
    Light Cloud
    Rated Two

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