• Forecast: Sunday 26th October, 2014

  • With the winds staying cross onshore south westerly, shelter down at Putsborough will probably be the best option for some cleaner and more manageable waves.

    The Trev toes Tip – That big afternoon pushing tide will be the go for the best of it. P.S. Don’t forget the clocks will have gone back an hour overnight, so back to lighter earlier mornings for a while, and sadly, earlier darker evenings.

    High: 07:05  9.2m

    Low: 12:59  1.1m

    High: 19:21  9.1m

  • 2-3ft
    Waist / Shoulder High!
    South Westerly
    Heavy Cloud
    Rated Two
  • Forecast: Monday 27th October, 2014

  • With those winds backing cross shore southerly, we should be on for some clean to cleanish fun waves from dawn to dusk.

    The Trev toes Tip – With the lighter mornings, it may be a good call for a dawny to catch the mid to high tidal range. Wot Wot.

    High: 07:41  9.1m

    Low: 13:35  1.3m

    High: 19:59  8.9m

  • 2-3ft
    Waist / Shoulder High!
    Rated Two
  • Forecast: Tuesday 28th October, 2014

  • High: 08;19  8.8m

    Low: 14:13  1.6m

    High: 20:39  8.6m

  • 1-2ft
    Waist / Shoulder High!
    Light Rain
    Rated Two

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