• Forecast: Tuesday 25th November, 2014

  • If it can get any better, then this should be the day, with an extra foot or two on offer, and those winds staying light and offshore.

    The Trev toes Tip –  Just get in there and be done with it.

    High: 07:28  9.3m

    Low: 13:27  1.1m

    High: 19:49  9.1m

  • 3-4ft
    Head High!
    Light Rain
    Rated Four
  • Forecast: Wednesday 26th November, 2014

  • Another splendid clean day on the cards, with those winds staying light and offshore, and plenty of consistent swell to keep us going right from dawn to dusk.

    The Trev toes Tip – It really would be rude not to.

    High: 08:11  9.1m

    Low: 14:12  1.3m

    High: 20:33  8.8m

  • 2-3ft
    Waist / Shoulder High!
    North Easterly
    Light Rain
    Rated Three
  • Forecast: Thursday 27th November, 2014

  • Maybe a tad smaller for Thursday, maybe not, but staying clean and lean with light variable sea breezes.

    The Trev toes Tip – Slight question mark over the swell size, so further updates will follow as and when.

    High: 08:57  8.8m

    Low: 15:01  1.6m

    High: 21:22  8.5m

  • 2-3ft
    Waist / Shoulder High!
    Light Cloud
    Rated Two

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