• Forecast: Tuesday 23rd December, 2014

  • Winds will stay fresh and onshore, but veering south westerly overnight, so shelter could come into play down at Putsborough.

    The Trev toes Tip – Extra big early morning high water, so it could be worth an early look to catch the high to mid tide drop, if you catch my drift.

    High: 06:34  9.5m

    Low: 12:36  0.8m

    High: 18:56  9.4m

  • 5-6ft
    Double Overhead!
    South Westerly
    Rated One
  • Forecast: Wednesday 24th December, 2014

  • Brisk cross onshore north westerly winds for Christmas Eve, so another messy day is on the cards, however, there should be some shelter to be had down at Saunton on the mid to high tide range.

    The Trev toes Tip – Slight question mark hanging over the eventual strength of the winds, so I will updating this as and when.

    High: 07:18  9.6m

    Low: 13:21  0.7m

    High: 19:41  9.4m

  • 3-4ft
    Head High!
    North Westerly
    Rated Two
  • Forecast: Thursday 25th December, 2014

  • It’s all calming down for Christmas Day as the winds and swell drops off, making for a bright sunny day with light cross onshore north westerly breezes..

    The Trev toes Tip – Perfect day for that Christmas Day stroll on our Great Western Front.

    High: 08:04  9.5m

    Low: 14:08  0.8m

    High: 20:27  9.2m

  • 1ft
    Knee High!
    North Westerly
    Rated One

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