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Win a £300 Gift Card to spend on Passenger gear – Every order plants a tree

October 17, 2016


A longing sense to get lost and go in search of adventure that never leaves, a constant desire to get off grid, wander and travel to connect with people and nature. These elements have been at the heart of Passenger from the beginning.

We’re inspired by stories of like-minded people and we love sharing them. That feeling found every time we tell or read an ‘oh man you should have been there’ story. Our mission is to help people escape through their own journey even it’s only for a short while. Everything we do is inspired by the desire to live a life of memorable adventures – big or small, short or long. It has never been about destinations for us but rather the journeys that lead us there and the memories we make along the way.

Our Waves & Trees campaign helps give back to nature and environments we love most, every order we receive plants a tree.

wavestrees-tom-hammock 20160216__sombrio_0108

We grew up around trees. We climbed them, we sat up against them, we looked up to them. They are all around us down here in the New Forest, the place we call home. In every direction, we’re surrounded by waves and trees.

These two elements continue to map out our adventures, draw us to explore new destinations and continue to inspire us. They remind us to spend more time in the wild outdoors, and teach us to respect the places we love.

To pay them back, we decided to plant a tree for every order we receive.

Passenger. Embrace the Journey.

Looking to get off grid for a while? We’re giving away the chance to win £300 worth of product – simply head to the Passenger website and sign up. Winners will be announced 30th October.


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