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Introducing: Torq TEC Surfboards

August 7, 2016

Torq TEC Surfboards

The swell has arrived this weekend, so maybe it’s time to invest a new board. If you’re in the market call into Tiki and talk to them about their range of Torq Surfboards…

Since 2012 Torq TEC Surfboards have developed a name for industry leading Epoxy technology, offering performance and durability for the premium recreational surfer. By using optimised techniques widely used in composite technologies the TEC range takes that one step further; creating a board with an incredible strength to weight ratio and torsional flex properties. The Torq Epoxy Composite uses a 3 x 6oz lay-up and carbon fibre tail reinforcement on the deck for maximum strength. The bottom features a carbon torsion strip to control flex and give a responsive spring from turns.

Torq TEC

This ground breaking technology has been applied to our user friendly performance shapes used in the Torq PU/Polyester range, to produce a truly high performance range of surfboards with unrivalled durability.

Torq TEC Surfboards 2

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