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July 21, 2016

This is the kind of surf trip that for most people only exists in the mind’s eye – a big boat, a few mates and the kind of wave you used to draw on your school notepad…

Mikala Jones, Marlon Gerber, Tai Graham and Desert Point future star Awan Hadi could have aimed for the usual sure bets when the Indian Ocean came alive during a big swell, but with such a massive population of surfers hungry to see some juice they knew crowds would be at worst-ever levels. Instead, they caught ferries to far-flung islands, the only way to get a jetski to the extremities in a hurry. After a few sleepless nights they finally had their dream set-up in place, and set off on a high-risk, high-reward kind of deal.

The wave you see in the film is not new, it’s been watched for hours and mainly left alone. Does it have a name? No. Has it been surfed? Kind of, just not in any state that resembled that in which the team tackled it.

BLU Saunton Sands Longboard Classic MAY 12th~13th 2018


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