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June 21, 2016

Circle-One-RazorWe all know the feeling… it’s shoulder high and not a lot of power in the swell. Despite knowing better you choose to ride your shortboard only to be met by frustration when the waves turn out to be gutless and the board just won’t get going. A fairly typical English surfing experience! So what’s the answer? Introducing the Circle One Razor Series:

Developed from extensive team rider feedback and in-depth research with our retailers on what customers really want from their ride; the Razor range builds further on the full volume concept of the successful Pro Pig Range of 2015. With the ‘Razors’ we have really pushed the game forward in fuller volume performance boards.

Choose from 10 shapes starting at 5′ 8″ up to 9′. Available in stunning clear epoxy finish and 4 deck colour options.

Jeff Townsley Shaping Notes:

“My aim with the Razors was to create a range which delivered plenty of float with zero sacrifice on performance. I have achieved this by developing a subtle step-deck to maintain volume across the board, and keeping the performance rail-line. I’ve pulled in the nose and tail and taken the nose rocker down a notch whilst adding slightly more ‘V’ and lift at the tail for enhanced manoeuvrability. With the Razors we really have created a concept which will appeal to all from beginners through to the experienced rider.”


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