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Quiksilver Pro Resumes With Some Close Calls

October 3, 2014

Date: Thursday, October 2, 2014
Schedule: Round 3 (Heats 5-12), Round 4 (Heats 1-4)
Conditions: 5-to-7-foot faces.

Heat 7: Kelly Slater (USA) vs. Travis Logie (ZAF)

Arguably the most anticipated heat of the day saw World No. 2 Kelly Slater up against Travis Logie, World No. 31. For Slater, losing the heat and elimination would mean the end of his World Title hopes for the year: With no event wins so far, he needed the points to wrest the rankings lead from Medina.

After a slow start that saw each surfer tally a negligible score, Logie started the heat in earnest with a long lefthander, to earn a 6.50 and take the lead. Slater answered with a solid backhand ride to earn an 8.00 and move in front. Gaining momentum, on his next wave he pulled a clean, backside tailslide air reverse to score a 5.17 and solidify his lead.

While Slater worked his backhand, Logie took the lefts on his frontside and the pair exchanged waves into the final 10 minutes. With just four minutes left, Logie needed a 6.68 to overtake the Champ. He came close with another solid ride, but just missed the mark, with a 6.43. Slater won the heat — barely.

“You can never discount Logie, in any conditions,” Slater said. “It was a tricky morning.

Result: Kelly Slater, 13.27 def. Travis Logie, 12.93.

Click on the link here for all the results of the day: http://www.aspworldtour.com/posts/71705/live-blog-quiksilver-pro-france-october-2

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