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Nineplus are pleased to introduce Nohana…

August 16, 2014

‘Nohana Surfboards’ have been produced using some the world’s best production facilities in the Far East using our bestselling templates and Australian materials to offer a slightly lower price point without comprising any of the qualities found in our Nineplus & HASU ranges. The Nineplus range of surfboards are some of the best selling surfboards available and now the Nohana versions make them easier to get these proven shapes under your feet.

With our Nineplus board production moving completely to California, offering the crème de la crème board creation we have utilized the flowing shapes to offer:


The Trim King 2 (9’0 – 9’6) longboard. An all-round longboard offering all the trim, glide and ease necessary from a longboard with the versatility to handle small and large waves alike. A relatively flat rocker, soft rails and medium thickness throughout makes this the best all round longboard we could come up with. Prices start at £599.

The Nohana ‘Magic Carpet’ (6’8 – 7’6) is a proven best seller from our Nineplus range. The perfect travelling companion and a great step down for the longboarder or the perfect step up fun board for the short boarder. Even a perfect step on board for someone relatively new to surfing. Prices start at £449.

These are in store and online ready for your musings.

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