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JAY ADAMS RIP [1961 – 2014]

August 16, 2014

Legendary skateboarder Jay Adams died of a heart attack Friday morning in Mexico at 53 years old.

Adams had been on a surfing vacation with his wife and friends, including USA surfing champion Solo Scott. Scott says Adams had been surfing early Thursday, then came in feeling sick and began having chest pains around midnight. His wife called us over in the middle of the night, and we administered CPR until we could get an ambulance, and they kept working on him the whole way but he never revived”

“The important thing is he went out peacefully in his sleep, during the best surf trip of his life,” Scott said. “He’d been down here for three months surfing every day, and he was in great shape and really good spirits. I’ve never seen him so happy and content and at peace”

Adams was the youngest member of the original Z-Boys skating team, a group of California skaters who invented aerial and sliding skate moves that are the very basis of current aerial skateboarding today.


Some of you could well be forgiven for not knowing who this main dude was, I therefore strongly recommend you check out this trailer and source the full version asap.


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