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California Dreaming

July 23, 2014

With the stonking run of weather that we’re enjoying just now it’s easy to forget that we were enduring months of non-stop wind and rain not so long ago! James Parry & Simon Cotter took the wise decision of escaping the winter and heading to warmer climes, in the form of California.

With the few fun longboard waves that have been kicking around today, it seemed like the perfect time share this and get everyone in the mood for some stylish sliding! To find out more about the trip, the wetsuits worn and the boards ridden head in to Nineplus Braunton.

“In the midst of one of Britain’s stormiest winters, surfer James Parry escapes to the dreamier side of the pond.”

Surfer: James Parry
Music:  ‘Psalm Balm’ by Eikon & ‘Young’ by Air Review
Water shots: C.Sutton & M.Rodgers
Filming and Editing: S.Cotter
Support from: Nineplus

A Ruwac Production



Cotty is Bouncing Back on the Comeback Trail…

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