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July 15, 2014

Nice little blog sent into me from Toby on his first trip to the newly opened North Devon Wake Park.

Toby was there live & direct having his first lesson when I visited the park a couple of weeks back.

Thanks for the blog Toby and good luck with your new appointment at Maniac Films living the reality right here in the Shire.


My first experience of wakeboarding was one of my favourable of any extreme sports. I went to the North Devon Wake Park one week day. I rang up the family run business to see if my dad and I could try out wakeboarding and have some coaching, this was no problem whatsoever. We have our own wetsuits but you can hire your own wetsuit and board at the park.

Unlike other extreme sports, the learning rate of wakeboarding is a lot quicker, unlike surfing, skating and snowboarding, you are up riding and doing corners within your second lesson. The wake park has lots of very helpful coaches who have all the necessary certificates and this is shown in their people skills and total knowledge of the sport. Everyone has a total of 15 minutes one to one teaching whatever your level. This is because the wake park uses the up and coming System 2 pull system where only one person is doing wakeboarding at a time. This dramatically increases your learning of the sport and works incredibly well.
North Devon Wake Park Tony Gisborne

Overall, my wake park experience was fantastic and I will definitely be going back. I fully recommend to surfers when it’s flat or skaters when it’s raining as wakeboarding is an all year sport.

Here is a little promotional video made by Maniac Films for the wake park
I’ll hopefully see you down at the North Devon Wake Park in the future!
Toby Gisborne.
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