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Surf Map North Devon – Landing in a Pocket Near you Soon!

April 13, 2014

What is it?

I’m not sure about you, but I’m fully aware I spend way too much time on the old mobile phone… I thought that it’s about time there was something widely available out there we can hold and feel, fits in the pocket, looks good on the dashboard or coffee table and we can even give the occasional sniff. No, not that – I’m talking about the new Surf Map North Devon.

SurfMapUK have given birth to the first in a litter of FREE coastal map puppies. Our pioneering map is not just aimed at the budding, keen as a bean visiting surfer but local coastal lovers alike. Whoever is lucky enough to possess one of these nuggets of papery gold are in for some treats, for these are not just mere guides of the local surf/beaches but hold in them a wealth of knowledge and power.

Almost as if the map is able to read your mind, it knows what you want and where to get it. From surf lessons and board repairs to a burger and a neck massage, info on surf etiquette and some fantastic giveaways, you’ll find it all in there. The maps are peppered all over North Devon in a number of shops, pubs, caf├ęs, accommodations and petrol stations – not to mention, if you’re planning a trip and need a glimpse behind the curtain the map is downloadable straight from our site.


Keep your social media ears to the ground and look out for our second issue, which will be out mid summer.


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