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March 28, 2014

TUESDAY 25th APRIL 6:45am – 1-3ft

  • OK So the the recent flat spell has been broken at last, albeit by a small and messy short period NNW windswell. Those beaches open to the North will see very messy surf in the knee to waist high zone, however, beaches that are sheltered from those brisk northerly winds like Saunton stand a chance of a slightly cleaner and more rideable wave, but it’s not good folks by any means.
  • Will Update if and when any changes occur:
  • BIG TIDES: 9.2m: – HIGH: 5:50am – LOW: 12pm – HIGH: 6:10pm:
  • FIRST LIGHT: 5:30am ~ LAST LIGHT: 9pm ~ SEA TEMP 11C: