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February 13, 2014

After watching the impending forecasts of the mother of all swells to hit the south west shores of blighty, myself and a few select others searched out a lesser surfed beast of a wave not to far from our North Devon Shire. The wave itself is a critical barrel that breaks very close to some lovely boulders.. After a couple of tester waves and a few head dips, I decided to delve a smidge further up the reef to get a really tasty throaty one.. This turned out to be a rather silly idea as on the next wave I found myself flying through the air from take off and inspecting a forementioned lovely boulder with my face. Knowing i’d done some damage due to the blood coming from my face, nose and mouth, I was half amused and half miffed to see half a surfboard still attached to me as I scrabbled about in the ankle depth water trying to redeem some composure by not falling on my arse whilst holding my head and tripping over rocks..

In the end all was well and a few stiches and glue sorted my head. Alas the board was a goner.. also it was my only board at present, so I was now without a wave riding vehicle..

Then it came to me.. “I know what i’ll do” I thought.. i’ll write an amusing story and sell the two halves on ebay and I may raise a tenner to go towards a new board..

Anyway I shared it about and then thought about a friend of mine who like me has just had a new baby boy.. Unlike my little boy however, my friends lad has been diagnosed with cystic fibrosis.

This essentially means that he will die younger or need a lung transplant to continue living… As a parent this can only be the worst possible thing to hear in the world. When I heard I wanted to do something for them and other families that have to go through the pain of living with this disease..

So I decided to donate the money from the broken board sale towards a small charity in North Devon that helps families with travel to appointments, fun activities for the children and just monetary help for people who haven’t got the means to provide that for there kids in this economic climate.. The charity is called North Devon Cystic Fibrosis Fund and is a very small unit. I wanted to try and make a difference to the little people rather than giving to a national huge charity so I could see the money being used for good locally for things like extra physio and the like.

So anyway the link to the surfboard gathered pace and the lovely and generous people at Quiver surfboards have offered to donate a brand new surfboard to the highest bidder of my broken one, which is when things really snowballed.. Within a day my ebay listing has gone crazy and the bids are rolling in and all of the money will go towards helping these kids and their families with day to day struggles.

I urge you all to visit the link and please if you can genuinely afford to place a bid then please do so..

I’d love to raise as much money as possible and I have no real target of what that amount should be.. my only guide is that of a price of a new surfboard which the winner will recieve. but this is only day 1 of the listing so i wouldnt be suprised to see more items added to the listing as time goes on as there are so many supportive companys out there..

Links to the Cystic fibrosis page, The ebay link and the facebook page are there so please share it about as much as possible to try and bring some smiles to the faces of these little kids..

Thank you so much and thanks so much to everyone thats supported and shared and bid..  A little gesture goes a long way.

Cheers Barracat (Paul Barrington)














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