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Surfing in Kwpeunha Liberia A Symbol of Hope

February 13, 2014

Leo McCrea has sent me this and I for one think it’s well worth a showing.

Read on as Leo explains how and why this all came about.

It’s crazy to think the local Liberian surf scene has only been going 10 years and only a handful of locals actually surf. It’s tough for them with no surf shops they have limited access to boards. The country is still haunted by graphic images of the civil war, but the country is ready for change and surfing gives them something positive to focus on.

Between 1989 and 2004 a civil war gripped Liberia with child soldiers, amputees and war crimes so horrific that the memories still haunt the nation to this day.

Sam Bleakley is a ex-pro surfer and travel writer who explores hard to reach places often mis-represented in the press. In this amazing journey he visits Liberia 10 years after the end of the war to tell the story of how surfing has helped a small community rebuild and grow.

Directors & Cameras: Leo McCrea & Sam Lang.

Presenter: Sam Bleakley.

Writers: Leo McCrea & Sam Bleakley.

Production Manager: Gemma Whitford.

Wartime Camera: Alex Sutton.

Liberian Producer: Dominic Johns.

Editor: Leo McCrea.

Trailer Editor: Jimi Simpson.

Music researcher: Harry Holmes.

Post production Suite TV I Kit Base films.


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