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Waves & Waterfalls in Costa Rica

February 9, 2014

Well this is my second time to Costa Rica and what is there not to love about this place? Warm water, sun and perfect surf every day…

It’s home to by far the best waves I have ever had and the most consistent. Out of all the places I have surfed Australia, California, South Africa, Bali, Maldives, Morocco, just to wake up every day and put you shorts on and go straight down the beach with out checking because you know it will be perfect again with 3 to 4 foot and clean waves.

This trip we spent the first 3 weeks in Mal Pais, the spot Stuart Campbell and myself came 2 years before. Mal pais is a great place with a big long beach with peaks all the way up and down – you can surf where ever looks best. The town is small but it’s got every thing you need, a cheap supermarket, restaurants, banks, quad bikes and the best of all cocktail bars right on the beach for sunset!

Quad bikes are the best way to get around Mal Pais, the dirt bumpy roads are hard work for most cars unless you have a 4×4. On one of the smaller days we took our quad bike and headed to the water falls at Montezuma. These are a must see if you are in Costa Rica. For me, the best bit about the waterfalls is getting there on the quads – as the roads are so full on you have to cross rivers and the whole route is like a rally course with big jumps and ditches to drive over and around.

For the rest of the trip I’m just planning on free-styling it with no real plans other than to just wake up every day and see what’s happening, go for a surf, come back have some breakfast which is normally pancakes and nutella made by the lovely Charlotte! We then have another surf and then find something to eat which at this time of the day tends to be a bacon sandwich. Most of the middle of the day is just spent trying to escape the sun, chilling by the pool with friends or falling asleep in the rocking chair on the balcony. We tend to surf before sunset then head straight to the cocktail bar for some happy hour deals. Oh, and its great to have a friend who works at this bar as the drinks are even cheaper and a hell of a lot stronger!

See you back in the UK,
Ben Haworth

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