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November 11, 2013

Quote Paul Barrington:

“Sun British Nationals way back, Woolie boys charged it, and me and Gillespie slept in Fistral Beach Toilets, under a van, and in Tesco’s car park in a tent with no pegs or poles..kids are soft these days” unquote…


Excerpt from the feature length documentary ‘The Endless Winter – A Very British Surf Movie’.

Here’s a brief summary of British surfing over the past two decades featuring some classic 90s footage and some insane surfing.

The Endless Winter is now available to buy on DVD.

Featuring – Russell Winter, Alan Stokes, Reubyn Ash, Ben Skinner, Andrew Cotton, Sam Lamiroy, Robyn Davies, Chris ‘Guts’ Griffiths, Spencer Hargraves, Sean Harris, , Mitch Corbett, Pete ‘PJ’ Jones, Nigel Semmens, Ed Smith, Lee Bartlett, Jed Stone, James Hicks, , Taz Knight, Al Mennie.

Music – Good Feeling, Performed by Reef.
Published by Warner/Chappell Limited
Licensed courtesy of Sony Music Group

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