Eyeball HQ

Abiding Tides

November 4, 2013

Nineplus team rider Brett Caller sliding on various crafts, at home in Australia – call in and see the Nineplus team in Braunton to check out their range of boards and to find your next wave vehicle!

“Searching long lonely beaches and trekking up the length of cobblestone point breaks. Waiting for swells and enduring winds. Whilst abiding the tides of the Sea in hope of waves. This is Brett Caller surfing at home.”

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Music: “Forgive Me” by Le Loup.
Animation: Zander Van Oldenborgh zandervo.com
Camera & Edit: Macauley Rae macauleyrae.tumblr.com

BLU Saunton Sands Longboard Classic MAY 12th~13th 2018


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