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October 26, 2013

Take heed all,

For the Storm of Saint Jude is almost upon us and looking ever more decidedly on course for the West Country.

If it is a direct hit and pans out to be as strong as forecast, then you need to take extra care and keep safe at all times and be sure to watch from a safe distance, but please please me and don’t even think about paddling out.

The emergency services will be stretched as it is and limited to help in such circumstances and conditions.

In the meantime, all we can do is sit and wait and see what occurs:

It’s gonna be a hard days night, so brace yourselves my luvvers.

From me to you, love me do.


P.S.  Don’t forget the clocks went back last night, so it will be pitch dark by 6pm tonight and a wet bird never flies at night !!!

Over & Out !!!

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