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Nineplus: The Magic Carpet

July 15, 2013

The Magic Carpet is put simply, an amazing board.

The design came about through our relationship with Kevin “Magic Feet” Connelly who’s ridden for us in the past. We were out in the Canaries early in 2000 and Kevin turned up with a board we’d never seen before. It was a basic longboard with a couple of feet taken straight out of the middle, so it paddled into a wave like a longboard and was stable like a longboard. When the waves were small it was consistent and caught anything.

When the waves were bigger it was reliable and easy to ride. For someone who rides a longboard all the time it’s like “that’s the shortboard I want to ride”. You’ve got that stability and all that ease but with a shorter rail line that made it so much more maneuverable. We developed the board over the years into the registered design we have today. We constantly scrutinize the reasons why the board works so well, to keep improving it, but it’s pretty much the same board as we started out with.

The name ‘Magic Carpet’ is owned by Nineplus and is a trademark name, many others have tried jumping on the bandwagon but as the blanks are made specifically for this to be kept very flat while remaining thick it very hard to replicate correctly. This timeless design is now being brought to you from California, Oceanside. Shaped by Hank Byzack and glassed at OSI, the same factory as Hawaiian Pro Design, these boards are, simply put – stunning.

The boards have now arrived in the North Devon store, ready for your musings. And if you have not had a taste of the magic, we also have demo boards available.

Enjoy, the magic Carpet ride.

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