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July 7, 2013

Morning Eyeballers,

This is a must viewing of someone who is no longer with us, but his spirit and mark of respect he left in the surfing world will never be forgotten.


Before watching, please read on in the words of one Dave Otto…

Some very old, grainy footage from the day AI visited Shipsterns. The quality isn’t great but remember this was before HD cameras and the footage had to be blown up from 8mm to High Def. There is a language warning for this video.

Best viewed in HD about 3ft away from the screen.

The back story of this day is a cracker. The local crew had just started towing Shipsterns when Billabong decided to bring their A-Team down for a photoshoot. It was an all star cast including Andy Irons, Parko, Margo, Laurie Towner and Dylan Longbottom.

Billabong hired the boat usually reserved for the locals and smugly rocked up thinking they had their exclusive shoot. What they didn’t know was that the local photogs were a tad pissed about this arrangement and had organised a 15ft tinny the night before. The only instruction offered to our local boat driver Harry was to “get our boat closer than theirs”. This arrangement led to some pretty hairy moments but it also provided some unforgettable memories. I’ll never forget the wave AI got that day or the fact that Harry had us close enough that we could pretty much reach out and high five Andy while he was still in the barrel. It was a classic day and one of a select few that has established the folklore of Shipstern Bluff.

This footage is rough, raw and unscripted. There is no music, just ambient noise and it may offend some. Please take it for what it is, a small peak into history without any editing.

The other two surfers featured are Andrew Mooney and Mark Mathews.

Film/Edit: Dave Otto.



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