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Tired of the cold early morning struggle into a wetsuit? #dryrobe

February 26, 2013

Surfing is where it all started for me. Tired of the cold early morning struggle into a wetsuit, hopping around outside wearing only a towel. Its crazy, getting to the water cold already.
The #dryrobe Advance was developed specifically to suit triathletes but I use it now, just because all the features are damn handy.

Just going through some of the Pics from yesterdays shoot. Got some great pics. Triathletes have their own issues with changing outside, either at events or training away from home.

I was talking to @coachjoebeer about the bike. Over £10,000! It got me thinking. I thought I spent enough on boards but how crazy is it? To Kit yourself out with the best kit you can afford and then neglect to retain your own energy, by half freezing before & after you do what you came to do.
It makes sense to protect your body from the elements while you change. Preserve your warmth & energy to use where & when you need it most. As Steve England (editor at Carve Magazine) once said to me, “Any idiot can freeze.”

Whether that’s Dawn patrol surfs, early swims or cycles. The fact is, you have to get changed for your sport.
Check out our range of products & look after the most important bit of kit you will ever have. your own body.


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