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January 5, 2013

2012 was pretty good to me in many ways and it ended with a last minute gamble at Mullaghmore.

With a massive swell and gale force onshore winds forecasted, but with a really small window of opportunity just before dark, there was a chance of some huge surfable waves.

Lyndon Wake seemed keen and the lovely people at Red Bull hooked us up with a ski and vehicle so the mission was on.

I’m not g0nna lie, the drive was long and at times spirits and moral were low and by midday after spending hours watching howling onshore slabs it seemed we may not even get to surf, but with an hour of light left, the wind eased up just enough for us get a couple.

Lyndon got the barrel of his life and I got a couple of hefty ones too.

Mission complete and we made it back to Devon in time for New Years Eve.

Photo: Orla Connolly.

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