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December 24, 2012

Always dreamed about surfing Belharra in France, it’s one of those places that I only thought possible to surf the biggest waves in Europe, it’s a long way out to sea and all the little scenarios just made me think it was non attainable.

Not that that’s a problem just something to overcome. I wouldn’t let things get in my way, but the easy options are always nice, plus I really like pasties (this has nothing to do with anything.)

Did you guess this blog is about Belharra, well I finally managed to surf it, yes I was lucky enough to be looked after by a few locals and surfers and also to paddle into a few waves amongst getting several on the head and having the fear of god actually set into me.

Looking forward to getting back out there though with hopefully a bigger board, and thanks to Eric Ribiere for helping me get there and Alex Laurel for the ski ride. To sum up, Epic trip.

Photo: Myself Eric and Nathan sharing a big Belharra peak.

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