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November 9, 2012

I’ve never been one to practice breath holding, which is odd really because as soon as most surfers think large or even big surf they think can I hold my breath long enough to last a wipe out, so at least in the back of their head they know they won’t drown!

I’ve always approached these situations like, keep calm, go with the flow and you’ll be sure to surface at some point.

Luckily so far it’s always worked, but I jumped at the chance to get some breath holding techniques from world free diving champion Martin Stepanek down in Portugal the past week and within the first 8 hours I was holding my breath in excess of 4 minutes.

Martins started teaching a Waterman Survival class and I’d recommend any surfer looking to boost confidence in the ocean to check it out, it’s a massive eye opener into breath training and knowing what every human no matter how athletic is capable of.


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