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November 7, 2012


Empirical and anecdotal research suggests that nutrition can double the benefits of your training.

As a Bay Fitness member attending 3 to 4 times per week you are guaranteed to be getting results from your training. However if your post bootcamp recovery meal involves fish & chips or Chinese takeway every night with 6 pints of larger you are limiting the true potential of your body!

Your nutrition can enhance your progress by speeding up recovery, maximising your energy levels and helping you reach your goals faster.

This is what I’m eating for dinner now after a session at Georgeham village hall. Why is this a good post boot camp meal?

1. Lean Protein – chicken breast

2. Vegetables – lot’s of antioxidants, phytochemicals. When

we exercise the excess oxygen debt can cause damage to the

cells. Antioxidants such as spinach, peppers, watercress, nuts

help prevent this cell damage.

3. Good fats – Avocado, pine & Brazil nuts help absorb antioxidant vitamins and decrease cholesterol levels.

4. Carbohydrates – small amounts from vegetables. Eat the majority of your LGI carbs at lunch and at 4-5 before bootcamp. Eating excess carbohydrates at 8-9pm can cause an Insulin spike and if not converted into energy can lead to increased storage of fat.

5. Home made sauce (Garlic, chilli, honey, ginger). Pre made sauces are often very high in salt and sugars. Check the food labels, for example often 1 serving is 30% of your recommended daily intake of sugar for the day but 1 serving is 30g and you use the whole jar which is 90g so have inadvertently had 90% of your RDA sugar in one hit!

What you need to eat also depends on your goals and your training. Do you want to lose weight, Burn fat, Get lean/cut, improve your functional fitness levels, gain lean muscle mass?

Lose weight, Burn fat

Put simply if you want to lose weight you need to burn more calories than you consume. However for long term successful results and to avoid a yo-yo weight loss/gain, you need to teach your metabolism to be efficient at burning fuel as energy. Boost your metabolism by eating small nutrient dense meals regularly, doing high intensity exercise & avoid skipping meals (especially breakfast).


If you want to gain weight through lean muscle you need to eat more calories! Good calories. If you are struggling to eat enough calories eat lots of fish, nuts, avocados, olives. Fat has 9 cals per gram whereas carbohydrates and protein only have 4 grams. The amount of protein your body needs depends on your goals and your training. Research suggests that if you’re not training your body only requires 0.8g per kg of body weight a day. If you are endurance training it’s around 1.2-1.4g and if you are strength training it’s around 1.8-2.0g. The best way to absorb this protein is through your food. (lean chicken, fish, nuts, quinoa, eggs, beans etc). Only use natural whey substitutes within 30

mins of finishing your session or in-between meals. It is thought that your body can only absorb 30g of protein every 2/3 hours so having a protein shake on top of a high protein meal isn’t necessary.

Why are these healthy morning after bootcamp breakfasts?

Granola with nuts, banana, blueberries, yogurt

* High fibre , Low Glycemic index to keep you full for the morning

Scrambled eggs, tomatoes, spinach, smoked salmon or mackerel

Include some protein to kick-start your metabolism, keep you fuller for longer and aid muscle repair the morning after a demanding session.

If you want long term successful results with a nutrition plan you can realistically stick to and enjoy avoid yo-yo dieting and starving your body of nutrients but teach your body to be efficient at burning fuel as energy. Don’t cut anything out, life is too short not to dance with big women! Just limit consumption of hydrogenated fats, processed foods, and alcohol. If you are an athlete your body needs carbohydrates to convert into energy. If not your performance will decrease as your glycogen levels will be depleted and your body will have to break down lean muscle to be used as energy. Teach your body to use fuel as energy. If you starve it, it may condition itself to not be able to deal with certain food groups in the future.

Having said that if you want to lose weight quickly for a wedding or event check out Bay fitness new wedding packages here: www.bayfitness.co.uk

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