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November 1, 2012

Morning folks,

Feeling rather sad and numb today as I just had news of a dear old friend passing away, I know it happens and it’s all part of life, but it’s the second one in less than a week.

I hadn’t seen these guys for a long time, but had recently made contact with them on Facebook and we were making plans for them to come and stay with me next year here in Woolacombe.

To be honest after everything I been through in my adult life, I am somewhat suprised just how gutted I feel, but I think it’s because they both had an influence on me in my younger days and helped shape the person I am today and I was genuinely looking forward to meeting up again.

I remember when I decided to take the plunge and break free from the smoke over 25 yrs ago they both thought I was off my rocker, well they were partly right, but they supported me all the way and admitted their envy of following through with my dream.

Anyway to sum up.

If you have a dream and get the chance to go for it, then grab it with open arms, cause this life really is a short one and for some it’s shorter than others.

And if your already living it, then never ever take it for granted.

Over & Out Amigos.

Trev toes Lumley xxx


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