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October 21, 2012

Two weekend’s ago 14 unique humans set of on a 3 day cycling binge in memory of Chris Blackburn to raise money for North Devon hospice. 

*You can still donate to the cause here, at the time of publishing this story the boys are just shy of their £2000 target, so you could help push them over the finishing line – great effort guys!*

Unfortunately Brittany ferries were on strike over disputes about the length their baguettes.  Therefore Blackburn enterprises (Matt & Dave) came up with an impressive plan B, C, D, E and F.

We left Friday morning from the Aggi in Braunton.  I’d managed to gain extra last minute sponsorship for wearing this erogenous cycling leotard for 3 days.

After 75 miles we arrived in Plymouth relatively unscathed. Piney (knee injury) had cycled through the pain for a good cause. “Most pain I’ve been in since I gave birth”.  Dave Charles Mandy and Dave Blackburn also had knee trouble.  Luckily we had James Miller the Doctor with us and myself to bore everyone with rehab, nutrition, stretch & recovery advice.  Bill Saunders looked at me as if I was a German nudist when I told him in a Cornish town to eat these berries to suppress free radical development and cell damage after all the excess oxygen debt.

After a beautiful but gruelling cycle through the hills on the Saturday we used science as an excuse to drink beer.  “Guys we’ve burnt 2000 plus calories cycling today, alcohol has 7 calories per gram whereas Protein and Carbohydrate only have 4”.  We named Tavistock ‘happy Barnstaple’.  It was full of big voluptuous women and Dave Mandy soon was using his ‘offensive but charming’ lines on the locals.  “You won’t believe this but I have a sister that’s even fatter than you.”

We made it home the next day after another 60 miles.  Mandy and Robbie C were delighted as they’d beat me beat me to Torrington.  They are simply Superior athletes.  Plus I did cycle miles in the wrong direction through places I’d never heard of until I got lucky and stumbled upon Stibbs cross.

A Good group of humans and good achievement especially for those that don’t do much exercise usually.  Especially impressed with Richard, Matt and Dave’s stepdad, who demonstrated exceptional fitness levels after undergoing heart surgery!  Also to Jody Abbot who completed the whole ride on his fat tyred Mountain bike.

Why not carry it on, see you at bootcamp this week boys. Plus recovery yoga will be helpful! New Bayfitness timetable will be here soon:  BayFitness

A big thankyou to Matt and Dave who put a lot of time and work into organising the event and the routes. Next year we will make it to France if the French sort out their baguette debate. Contact Blackburn enterprises and book your place now.

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