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October 15, 2012

With all this rubbish weather and surf, here’s a reminder of what a small clean sunny day can produce and how old forgotton designs can be new designs in the making.

Read on if you will, otherwise just watch and enjoy for what it is.

This is a design I’ve been thinking about and finally got together with Wegener Surfboards to shape it. 7’3″ and almost dead flat. It feels like it works just as well backside as it does frontside. The asymetrical outline and fin setup are influenced by what Ryan Burch, Richard Kenvin and Carl Ekstrom have done, it allows you equal control with less total fin surface area in the wave making the board super fast and maneuverable. The difference is that there’s more fin area on your toe side than in your heelside, where their asyms have more fin total fin area on your heelside. It feels different but good. It felt good riding it and thinking it was the first one of its kind, that was until I saw a picture Peter Townend posted online, turns out he was riding boards like this back in the day.

Oh well, ignorance is bliss. Look forward to playing with the design and riding it in some different surf.


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