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October 8, 2012

Hey Trev,

Hope all’s good. I’m keen to start up my big wave blog on eyeball again for the winter months if that’s cool.

Here’s my first installment:

It’s amazing how quick the summer goes, well to be honest it hardly feels like we had one apart from the 4 month spell of seriously rubbish waves and vaguely warm water, but winter is upon us again.

I’m loving it and already planning some strike missions to get some waves when the weather gods are playing ball.

I’m currently back down in Nazare, Portugal which is where I spent a bit of time last year and helped tow Gmac into the Guinness book of records by putting him on a 78ft lump at the mutant beach break.

Check out the trailer for the film which is being released here in November, looks great and obviously I’m in it.

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