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Red Bull Break 5 – 2012

October 4, 2012

This weekend just gone saw the RedBull Break5 event held up in the picturesque Northern border town of Bamburgh.

This is a team surfing event for one and all to enjoy the challenge of surfing within a team format that had you picking your best team from a variety of divisions.  The mighty Woolacombe Boardriders (last years champs) took a strong surfing team up featuring The Campbells, a Witts, a Barracat and an old man…

After a ridiculous coach journey on the team bus we arrived at 2am greeted by freezing winds and mizzle…  After being shown to our tent we mulled over the amount of alcohol consumed on the long journey up.  A bottle of gin, vodka, Jack and some beers still weren’t enough to dampen the teams spirits and we entered our tent with hopes held high on our shoulders – Due to the fact the surf forecast had been looking decidedly poor quite a few teams had not bothered to make the pilgrimage.

The following morning after not sleeping a wink (due to the fact sleeping in our tent had been like sleeping in a half opened parachute that was still at 20,000 ft) we emerged to view the Redbull setup.  A massive arena had been erected with Dj booth, a fire, huge flat screens and a bar overlooking the beautiful Bamburgh bay with the castle sat in the background.  There were, however, zero waves…

The call was made and it was to be running, swimming, paddling, S.U.P’ing and tow surfing that would decide the winner.  We each selected our favourite event and as we’d brought three athletes and two bloody good smokers we were amped to win.

Lucy took the swim by the horns and smashed a triathlete out of the water, Stu romped home first in the Shortboard paddle and same with Wittsie on the longboard. That left the smokers… I had the tow surf and was up against guys that knew what they were doing, including Sam lamiroy.  I managed a third out of six after doing some beefy carves and pipped Lamiroy into fourth of which he was not pleased. Clifton was lumbered with the Stand up paddle race which was the highlight of the weekend as he hilariously swept his way around the course.  Neil also did a skim board heat which he got robbed and beaten by a twelve year old.

At the end of the first day we were in first place which could mean only one thing…  That’s right, to the bar!

After a lot of very free alcohol it was clearly the Boardriders (or Uphill Gardeners as we were called this year) that had destroyed the drinking contest and as we’d depleted Redbull of their alcohol budget it was off to bed confident that we should smash the relay that would decide the event on the Sunday.

Sunday however posed a minor problem for us.  Not the fact that we were hungover, because that wasn’t the case.  The problem was that the relay started with the S.U.P leg and the teams that were just behind us all had good Sea sweepers, and as each leg went on there would be points given for how everyone finished in their own leg.  Our problem was that although Clifton is dead good at smoking and quoting Dennis Leary material he was never that good at sweeping up, so we knew we’d be chasing it down the entire relay.

With everyone buzzing like a wasp in a jar we gave it everything knowing that we needed first to win the event…  As i got overtaken on the final leg by a twelve year old on a mal we knew our chances were over.

The presentation was nice and chilled and the winners from team Xcel were well deserved.  Lamiroy’s team squeaked into second leaving us in third.

Overall it was a classic weekend and one that should be supported… its a great weekend of socialising and general fun times.  We will be back next year to take the crown and as we said about a hundred times whilst we were there…

We also said “stickier than a bumblebees whiskers ” a fair bit two but you’ll have to google Mike strutter on you tube for that…

A massive thanks to my team they gave it everything and showed why we have such a good team spirit.

Cheers, Barracat

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