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“Sea Over Land” a 16mm South African Travelogue

September 2, 2012

“So involved in the DSLR workflow of my current works I had the impulse to look at some 16mm footage. I needed to see what I used to shoot on my trusty old vintage Bolex and a few prime lens’s.

It was refreshing to see moments in footage presented exactly the way they were filmed. No effects were necessary for the texture and feel. A quality that celluloid film will always have over digital.

I met Sam Bauer a few years ago on a project. We became friends and he expressed interest in doing a cut and composing a score to my cinematography. I gave him a series of out-takes from my 2003 South Africa Trip that became a part in “Change the Subject” (released in 2004).

One discipline I appreciate more now than ever is how important sound is to the feel of a finished film.

Sam was the editor of Donnie Darko so he possesses natural affinity for sound design and score. This is Sam’s interpretation of the footage.

It was is refreshing to see this after so many years.

Hope you dig it. Thanks for watching.”

J. Lynch

Filming and Direction by J. Lynch, Editing and Music Composing by Sam Bauer, Surfing by Dan Malloy, Kelly Slater, Paul Patterson, Gary Linden, Greg Long and an unidentified Dune’s charger.
Special thanks to Theo Bessin, Matt Scott, Kleiner Brothers, Paula Newton, The people of South Africa, SAA, Ferguson Peters, Lori Kari, Valerie Froscher, Kelly Brown, Donaldson Miele, Kristopher Moller, Raquel Bauer, Johnny Oliver, Chechu Infante, Kodak, Lorette Bayle, Jod Seraci, Futuristic Films, Oniricom, Twiggy baker, Brent Mills, Kate Scott, Gigs Ceilier, The Krawl, Crystal Cove, Rudy Palmbloom, David Scholtz


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