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StRaNGe Beautiful LIFE – Episode 7: Time and Tide

August 30, 2012

“Not a lot to say about this episode really it was a pretty uneventful spring here in Cornwall for surf and we had to find other ways to get our salt water fix. Having chlorinated water blasted up your nose from four jets the equivalent of 860 horse power wasn’t expected but we had one hell of a good time and once we figured out how to get in the tube well there’s no place like home is there and it doesn’t matter where you are a views a view.
The rest is just a message i guess something to think about when your siting out the back, we all as surfers enjoy the gift of waves the ocean delivers without qualm or fuss but if the ocean had a voice i wonder if it would ask us to be a little more thoughtful about where and how we dispose of our waste. Just a thought, see you out there.”



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