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July 30, 2012

Morning Peeps,

I’m feeling very poetic & dainty today and was pondering on how my early morning home break daily pic fitted so well with one of my more favorite poems of recent times.

Where there are shadows, There is light,
Like a planet dived by land and sea,
Where there is light, there is shadow,
Each a beauty in it’s own,
Do not search a world of light without shadows,
Try if you wish but you will not find it.
When you love the light in a person,
You also love the shadow too,
Like a full moon,
It’s beauty will manifest in the darkness of the night,
and beautiful soft shadows thus formed by it’s golden light.

Spiritual Speaker June 23rd 2011

Have a nice day one and all and hold this thought,

It’s alright if you don’t like the Olympics, after all it is for the most part very very slow and very very boring and if it’s not your bag it doesn’t mean your not cool, however if you don’t like it but pretend you do because of peer pressure well then that is just so totally uncool.

Probably best not to harp on about it too much otherwise everyone will think your a right old Victor Meldrew.

Me, well I will be mainly just watching the boxing.

OVER & OUT !!!

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