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Golden Optimists.

July 24, 2012

We’ve been waiting a little while for the another clip to come out of the studio of Nat Lanyon, but  it was definitely worth the wait – “Golden Optimists.”

A few days spent basking in all of lifes glory. This was a last minute spontaneous trip, I had never really filmed with these lads before. They are a tightknit crew, they nearly kicked me out of the car early because I was an imposter, but I soon won them over with free apples & muesli bars and we all became friends. Thanks for letting me tag along & showing me around! Hope you all enjoy this little labour of love.

Surfing – Dean Brady, Wade Goodall & Laurie Towner.

Music – The Besnard Lakes – Devastation

Check out more of Nat’s work here.


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