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Forgotten Fun – A KorduroyTV Sea Movie by Nat Lanyon

June 30, 2012

We’ve been enjoying the slide of classic mal riding recently & sharing a few more longboarding clips to reflect this.  The surf scene is pretty swamped with high performance shortboard clips & there is still a bit of surfing snobbery out there with the longboard / shortboard divide – this is a great little clip that brilliant combines the two.

The upshot – good surfing is good surfing, no matter what size or shape the board is!

Thanks to Nat Lanyon & KorduroyTV for sharing this one!

“Forgotten Fun” means exploring the creation of a shorter video style. Recently, I have been working hard on putting together a longer surf film entitled, “Another Morning Rebel Song” and this was a chance to refine what I’ve done into a more concise visual piece. It was filmed this past fall primarily around the sheltered points in Noosa with famous loggers Jared Mell, Japanese logger Yuta Sezutso and local Harrison Roach.”


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