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June 21, 2012

As some of you may already know the Diala Lloydy is in the UK right now.

How stoked was I to get a private meeting with him.

He told me how “a wet bird never fly’s at night” but I already new that one.

He then went on a bit and asked me to send a message to all fellow Surfers in Great Britain to join together in perfect harmony. Short-boarders, long-boarders, knee-boarders and boogie-boarders, even SUPs should all embrace and love one another and get the goat-boaters.

Just as I was leaving he summoned me back and said, “one more thing Mr Twinkle Toes. If anyone ever drops in on you then let them have it big time, unless there a lot bigger than you, then you should pretend to forgive them” ha ha ha how we chuckled on that one.

To be honest I was only with him for about 10 minutes and he started to get on my tits. I made my excuses and left like a bat out of hell.

He’s requested I send him a hoody, he can dream on.


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