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June 8, 2012

A notice to anybody hoping/planning to go surfing today:

Croyde Beach has been Red Flagged due to dangerous out of control conditions, with a massive swell running and gale force onshore winds.

If you are not familiar with the Lifeguards Flags please visit the RNLI website for more information – The Red Flag indicates danger. NEVER enter the water when the red flag is flying, under any circumstances.

Other North Devon beaches are currently under assessment and are likely to be Red Flagged as the tide drops out.  We would highly recommend that you avoid going in the water today but if you are set on going surfing, make sure that you visit a Lifeguarded beach and consult the Lifeguards on duty before entering the water.

A general warning for surfing in windy conditions – Yesterday there was a spinal incident after a surfer’s board got caught in the wind and struck the surfer’s head.  Please make sure to cover your neck and head when jumping/falling off your board (Always, but especially in windy conditions).

Tomorrow (Saturday) things look set to calm back down with the winds dropping right off throughout the day, so our advice is to rest up today for what could be some fun cleaner waves coming through by tomorrow afternoon/evening!

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