Eyeball HQ


June 1, 2012

Now, although we’re lovers of all water crafts and water going creatures alike here at Eyeball HQ, we sometime take exception to ‘Goat Boaters’ getting washed backwards into our heads as we paddle out at 4ft low tide….

This however shows it in a whole different light – check the on board camera angle…. Brings a whole new meaning to ‘going over the falls!’

“Waterfall kayaking has emerged as a dominant subset of whitewater paddling—thrilling audiences and pushing athletes to constantly tempt higher falls. It is constantly glorified and frequently misunderstood by all but the small group of kayakers who make waterfalls their life.

Evan Garcia explores what it means to kayak off of big waterfalls—considering both the risks and rewards of a life driven by freefall.”


Cotty is Bouncing Back on the Comeback Trail…

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