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What do Wakeboard Chicks do in the cold English Winter to have fun and stay in shape?

May 11, 2012

The past few weeks of utter flatness have left a lasting impression on people that this entire winter was flatWe did however get some waves and to jog memories we’re going to throw back to a recent surf trip organised by top UK wakeboarder Lex Balladon…

Winter is always a tricky time for those who love their watersports, its cold, windy, usually grey and pretty miserable.  This ultimately can leave you feeling quite unmotivated to get out in the fresh air and get moving.  With wakeboarding you have the added hurdle of the lakes being frozen which makes it impossible to get on the water, or ice!  A few people get the luxury of jetting off to warmer waters during our darker months, but what happens if you’re set to stay put on our cloud covered Island…?

I thought about this for a long time.  What can you do to keep active and have fun in the winter?  The conclusion I came too was to get together a group of like minded girls who would be up for anything.
The group of WakeGirls consisted of:
Steph Caller
Tor Young
Jules Haley
Sarah Kingdom

Sophie Cordery, and
myself, Lex Balladon

The other sport I’m passionate about is surfing.  All my trips revolve around waves and I’m constantly looking at forecasts to get to the coast, its over a four hour drive for me so it has to be looking good!  I wanted to introduce my wakeboarding girls to surfing to see what they thought of it.  We got a weekend sorted and the plans fell into place.  The only information I had given the girls was to head down to Croyde on the Friday night, meet at The Thatch and bring a wetsuit.  We were staying in the beautiful Inglenook Cottage which is situated just off a side street in the centre of Croyde where we made ourselves at home.. everyone was stoked!

Up early the following morning, we headed to Surfing Croyde Bay Surf School where Rae was going to teach us how to surf.  Rae took us through a lesson, we got suited up and headed to the beach.  Everyone grabbed their foamies and was battling with the white water.  This must have been quite amusing because half of us had on brightly coloured team wetsuits – and on 9ft foamies.  The girls were getting on amazingly, standing up straight away and starting to ride little green waves!  We were very lucky to have photographer Rob Tibbles in the water to capture our surfing adventures.  A break was needed and lunch didn’t stay on the plates for long: surfing works very different muscles to wakeboarding, and visa versa, so a wakeboarder trying surfing is going to ache the next day, just like a surfer trying wakeboarding would as well.  That afternoon, we were blessed with clear blue skies and clean waves, I had my best ever session at Croyde which kept me smiling for a while.  After a long day surfing with Rae, a night out was on the cards, lots of good food and bevvies to see us through till Sunday.

Sunday came with grey skies and messy waves, but Rae took us out all the same.  The girls were aching by now but kept pushing it.  They had all caught the surfing bug which made me very happy!  During the afternoon we were lucky to have the little roof terrace of Surfing Croyde Bay where we got involved with Nalu Beads making lots of different creations, while scoffing down a proper Devon cream tea of homemade scones with clotted cream and jam, washed down with a good old pot of tea.  A lovely way to finish off a great weekend.

The weekend could not have been possible without the help of Lisa from Nalu Beads, Rae from Surfing Croyde Bay, Photographer Rob Tibbles and of course, the awesome group of girls who were up for trying something new when our wakeboard lakes are frozen.  Until the next WakeGirlsGo…  :)

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