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PRO SURFIT – Gabriel Medina, Miguel Pupo, Bruno Santos, Alana Blanchard

April 6, 2012

After a month of fijian paradise a cyclone hit which led to a week lock down of rum drinking, dancing, and cyclone fitness. Namoto Island villa was renamed the “Cyclone sweat box” and consisted of cyclone yoga with the director of rip curl , Pro surfer Alana Blanchard, a family from florida, and another rip curl model.

Daily Personal Training with Alana

“The only thing thats keeping me sane on this little island is Bay Fitness yoga, boxing, and tabata intervals”

She was homesick and going mad stuck in a cyclone with a group of lunatics, especially the fitness instructor.

Alana’s fitness level was extremely high and she had to be extended through high intensity interval sessions such as “12 rounds”, “Tri-sets” and “300″ mainly consisting of cardio, body weight, core, boxing, skipping, and Human trainer exercises. In group sessions she would always stay behind and ask to do more core and boxing.

We would often finish with a core session on the human trainer including knee raises, oblique crunch, side plank raises and rotations, pikes, and bridge extensions. She was also keen on maintaining her famous Glutes through lunging, squatting, kick boxing, and 1 legged squats and lunge/side lunges on the human trainer.

Gabriel Medina and Miguel Pupo

I was surprised to discover that the two kids who had arrived on the island were Medina and Pupo; two of the most promising young surfers in the world.

They spent most of their time eating bad food, (which I annoyed them about every time telling them what they needed to do to become world champion), playing Adele and bad brazilian rap on their I phones, and getting beaten by me at Table Tennis.

They were both pretty relaxed, humble, and both had a good sense of humour.  They loved talking about how many girlfriends Gabriel had in each country whereas Miguel just had the one in Brazil.

At first they weren’t at all motivated to train. In fact during the first surf specific strength and conditioning session they decided to attack me with some Brazilian Jujitsu. I was doing OK until Medina jumped on my back and started choking me until I couldn’t breath.

They thought this was hilarious and rolled about in the sand laughing. I then got interviewed by Brazilian TV about Elite Surf fitness with sand all over my face. From this day they named me after a Brazilian Ultimate fighter for the rest of their stay.

Watching these two surf at Cloudbreak was ridiculous. It was like watching a different sport. Everything looked like it was happening in fast forward. They would fly down the section do a couple of air reverses whilst looking behind them for better waves. If one was coming they’d pop of the back and get on the next one.

I wish them both great success at Bell’s Beach and if the Fiji Volcom pro in June has medium to small waves I would advise putting all your money on Gabriel. In the words of his foot sucking Tazmanian photographer “He has that place wired”.

Bruno Santos

The 2008 Teahupo’o champion was extremely laid back about everything and anything. He loved taking footage of himself in 10 second barrels.

He was supposed to stay for a week and ended up staying for 3. By the end of his trip I had mastered an impersonation of his Brazilian accent and had many epic table tennis battles and dance offs.

Andrew Cotton

Still my favourite famous pro surfer. Good luck with having a baby any day now!

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