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Trailer: Dear Suburbia, Prequel I

March 24, 2012

Here is the trailer to Dear Suburbia, Prequel I by What Youth & Kai Neville.  You can check out the full Prequel I at whatyouth.com

“It was a Thursday and Kai Neville, who’s 20-something, charming, an entrepreneur, a film director and man of the people, picked up his iPhone 4 again. This was a while ago now when the 4S was months away and Steve Jobs was still walking around selling it.

Kai was home trying to finish Lost Atlas for the California premiere, but his phone kept dancing. It was Dane, then it was Conner, then Kolohe and Yadin. Texts.

japan?? gonna be sick, typhoons and shit leaving tomorrow yah boys!

Typhoons AND shit, tomorrow.

Japan for the record is a massive, surreal curiosity shop of culture and polite people and convenience stores that really mean it. Plus, the waves cook. Kai fast deduced that his next film, which didn’t have a name yet but later became Dear Suburbia, needed him to fly to Japan right away, sip rice wine and eat slabs of Bluefin in the name of art.

The trip that followed has come to define our year, and Dear Suburbia, and the exciting young creature that is What Youth. It was Friday night when we landed in Japan, and we’ve been running ever since. We hope you enjoy the show.”



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