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March 22, 2012

Well…. how to summarise this one!  It’s going to start off with moderate offshores which are due to pick up throughout the morning and swing Southerly as the day goes on.  ‘Oh no’ I hear you cry, but don’t fret – the wind is set to drop right off leaving the chance of a glassy evening session in one of these new found bright, light evenings that we’re experiencing!  It’s going to be about head high all day with a solid 11 second swell period behind it, hopefully the wind behaves!

The Trev Toes Tip – Early or late, that is the question… All you early birds out there can make the most of the light starts before the clocks change, but for me pick of the day has to be an evening glass off session, with Puts offering the most shelter from the Southerly wind.

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