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Through The Whisky Barrel

March 5, 2012

Through The Whisky Barrel is the much anticipated debut film by Allyn Harper. An innovate film providing an insight into the history and the culture that surrounds surfing in Scotland. The film showcases an array of epic waves which are unleashed onto the undulating Scottish coastline, whilst telling the stories of Scottish surfing’s pioneers and the waves, which form their cold water playground. The film aims bring the surfing community in Scotland together and raise funds for the Scottish Surf Federation. Soundtrack provided by the incredible British rock band 65DaysofStatic.

The film features surfing from many homegrown Scottish surfers aswell as international surfers including John John Florence, Sunny Garcia, Mason Ho, Brian Toth, Chris Ward, Dayyan Neve, Anthony Walsh, Brent Dorrington, Morgan Faulkner and many more.

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