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February 21, 2012

A good friend of the Eyeball team has been turning heads recently with the shapes he’s been cutting, and we’re not talking about on the dancefloor!  Chris Robertson is the man behind Cowshed Shapes and he’s come a long way from shaping his first board in a disused barn on the farm he lives on almost 6 years ago…

”Having surfed for over 20 years, traveled all over the world riding as many different crafts as I could lay my hands on, Cowshed shapes began in Dec 2006 when I decided to shape my own board.  It was something I had wanted to do ever since I started surfing.  We live on a farm here in North Devon and at the time there was an empty barn behind the ‘cowshed’ so I tacked up a temporary shaping room and bought a blank.

The first board I shaped didn’t look anything special but it felt really good to ride a board that  I’d shaped myself.  A few weeks later I had to shape another to see if I could do better, this process went on for a while and so the buzz took hold!  Over time, I messed about with all sorts of shapes and sizes of boards and had loads of fun trying them out. I found I could then sell the boards on, making enough to pay for the next shaping experiment! I had always read any magazine articles I could find on board design and thought i knew a bit about boards, but I soon realized there was a lot to learn.

I was very lucky that friends started to show an interest in what I was doing, so I started shaping boards for them for cost of materials and glassing only!   Giving me practise, and them a cheap board!

Five years on, and cowshed shapes is a part time business venture. The motivation behind this  is the fact that I love being able to go and shape a board if I see something I want to try or if I am inspired. Also, seeing people enjoy a board you have shaped for them is very rewarding.  For me the challenge with shaping is that you’re always trying to shape the perfect board , but then you’re always looking to improve what you’ve just shaped.

The service I offer to anyone interested in a board is a thorough consultation to find out what you’re after, based on a number of factors. What type of boards you currently ride, what you like about them – what you don’t, what kind of surf you enjoy the most, how often you go, what you want  your next board to go like, how it could help you improve!!!!…….. the list goes on. I am open to all your ideas as every board I shape is a true custom shape tailored to your requirements.”

Check out Cowshed Shapes new directory listing to find out a little more & you could be riding your own Cowshed Shape in no time!

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