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Stu Campbell – Road Trip

February 4, 2012

The first travel blog that doesn’t tell you the location!

I am not allowed to tell you where I am right now, I am working undercover with Carve magazine. You will probably figure it out, if you know any geography. So without giving it away; I left Costa Rica a couple of days ago, I am traveling with Tom Fisher (act tough Tom). Traveling with surfboards can be hard work, Tom’s longboards are a nightmare! We almost fell at the first hurdle- getting Tom’s boards on the bus after that it didn’t get much easier. 3 hours stood up on the bus. We switched transport modes a couple of times. Blown out tires and bad Spanish didn’t help the journey. The main thing is we made it! Sucks we weren’t greeted with stand up barrels, there hasn’t been anything over 2 foot… yet.

I meet up with Alan Stokes and Celine Gerhet for the shoot, they have been wearing wetsuits, true story, I am not lying to throw you off the location. I can tell you there is a beach and the shape of the beach causes the waves to break such away that it creates a round space actually inside the wave. Tube time. I am a fan of sharing is caring and there are plenty of waves in the ocean but we want this wave all to ourselves. I hope you will understand our selfishness after seeing the photos.

I have heard Costa Rica is pumping. During this flat spell, we have been filling the time with touristy things. I say flat it is still chest high but we are here for barrels, (it is nearly and hours walk in scorching sun to get to the waves) am I spoilt? I have been exploring the beaches, the terrain, the swimming pool, the village, visiting the market, the Jesus, the library!, a couple of bars, the hot springs, doing some yoga, pool tournaments, skateboarding (the mini ramp is an accident about to happen) and baking in the sun. Down time and flat spells on a surf trip can be mind numbing, which is why today is beach Olympics. Events so far are; exercise ball rodeo, stones throw shot put, mini tube photography and stretch band catapult. For me the most important part of traveling is who you share it with. Traveling by yourself is like watching a comedy in a dark corner, with no one to laugh along with you!

Let the guessing game begin.


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